Toddler Ballet

Stepping Out Studios Review

Toddler Ballet

Thanks to Jenny from The New Age Parents for bringing her lovely children to try our dance classes.  We are very grateful for the wonderful new Stepping Out Studios Review.  Jenny’s children attended one of our popular Melody Bear (or Toddler Ballet) classes and a CSTD Jazz class.  We are delighted to hear that they had such an enjoyable experience.

Melody Bear

Sometimes referred to as Toddler Ballet, Melody Bear is a unique dance syllabus from the UK targeted at 2-4 year olds.  This excellent preschool dance class introduces children to concepts of ballet, tap, music and movement with the option to further the child’s progression into an awarded programme.

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At Stepping Out Studios we have the full range of CSTD children’s dance classes available.  We have nearly 100 classes each week covering Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Hip Hop.

Jazz dance combines rhythm, expression and technique with aspects of a variety of popular and street music, using the body as an instrument to interpret the various styles.

The CSTD Modern Jazz syllabus was conceived and developed by prominent Australian dance educators, Sandra Breen and Rachelle Conroy in association with many of Australia’s leading choreographers.

Excellent dance experience with stepping out studios. Ms May is super enthu, warm and approachable. She always makes the class fun and enjoyable! :D Highly recommendable!
Catherine L.B. - September 2014