Our Dance Studio Facilities

Our Dance Studio Facilities

We strive to become the dance studio of choice for dancers of all ages and abilities across all dance genres. Each studio contains the very best equipment available in order to ensure that all our guests have a safe, productive and enjoyable experience.

Safety First

Dancers, pilates practitioners and fitness enthusiasts should always protect their safety by practicing and performing on a sprung floor. Consequently each studio at Stepping Out Studios has been fitted with O’Mara Sprung Floors: http://www.sprungfloors.com/

Sprung Floor for Dance Studios
Dance Studio with a Sprung Floor
Singapore Dance Classes on Sprung Floor

A sprung floor helps prevent injuries

The most important part of any dance floor is the suspension system. It should create resilience, the absorption and return of energy through the floor. Properly done the foam blocks create an even point elasticity (compression) over the entire ballet floor, tap floor or exercise floor when landing. These foam blocks can be most likened to wearing running shoes instead of moccasins to run a marathon.

Dance is our passion and our number 1 priority is to ensure that our Studios are available to anybody who enjoys movement. If you are looking to join a class, choreograph a piece or find a home for your group then Stepping Out Studios is the place for you.

My daughter has been with Ms Hari for the CSTD Ballet program since P4. Lessons were always exciting as Ms Hari seizes every opportunity to expose her girls to stage performance, and the discipline of ensuing preparations that is vital for their growth and development as dancers as they gain experience and confidence. Having completed Grade 6 in school, my daughter is pursuing the Sub-Elementary syllabus at Ms Hari's dance studio which recently held its first Showcase where all the studio teachers and students worked hard to put up a successful performance! Ms Hari has been not only a great ballet teacher but also a great friend and mentor to her girls. As parent, I am very happy and satisfied to leave my daughter in Ms Hari's hands. Congratulations to Ms Hari as her dance studio moves to a new , more convenient and bigger place. We look forward to more exciting times ahead!
Chan M.S. - October 2014