Jonine Barouky

Jazz, Tap, Ballet & Contemporary

Jonine Barouky


Jonine fell in love with dance at the young age of 6. Ever since then, dance has become her lifelong passion and a big part of her everyday life.

Jonine has completed numerous examinations, as well as participating in countless competitions and performances throughout Australia. Her examination work and study of the CSTD syllabus provides an incredible amount of experience in the fields of Jazz, Tap, Classical Ballet and Contemporary.

Jonine was one of the youngest dance teachers in Australia, which was attributed to her commitment, dedication and passion for dance. Her strong knowledge and background in the CSTD syllabi had made her a very sought after choreographer, offering her choreographed routines to many award winning dancers involved in competitions and performances.

Jonine took time away from the city and travelled north to rural Western Australia to manage and run a studio in the Pilbara region for local students.

Jonine currently holds a CSTD Teaching Diploma (Theatrical), CSTD Modern Jazz 8, CSTD Ballet Advanced and Jason Winters CSTD Level 4 Contemporary. She is currently pursuing further education, working on her Modern Jazz Teaching Certificate and Ballet Teaching Certificate with CSTD.

My daughter has been with Ms Hari for the CSTD Ballet program since P4. Lessons were always exciting as Ms Hari seizes every opportunity to expose her girls to stage performance, and the discipline of ensuing preparations that is vital for their growth and development as dancers as they gain experience and confidence. Having completed Grade 6 in school, my daughter is pursuing the Sub-Elementary syllabus at Ms Hari's dance studio which recently held its first Showcase where all the studio teachers and students worked hard to put up a successful performance! Ms Hari has been not only a great ballet teacher but also a great friend and mentor to her girls. As parent, I am very happy and satisfied to leave my daughter in Ms Hari's hands. Congratulations to Ms Hari as her dance studio moves to a new , more convenient and bigger place. We look forward to more exciting times ahead!
Chan M.S. - October 2014