Kids Dance Classes

Kids Dance Classes

We offer a wide range of dance classes that help students learn many different types and styles of dance and find the way they truly enjoy. Our program starts with our Melody Bear classes which introduces children to the concepts of music and movement. Children as young as two can attend these classes. Melody Bear classes also included certificates of achievement for children to see their progress.

Once students have completed our Melody Bear program, students move on to Little Stars for children aged four to five and introduces students to ballet and jazz. Kids love this fun class that gives them a choice of learning a mix of jazz and tap dancing or ballet and jazz.


Ballet Classes are a core part of our line-up and is the basic foundation for many kinds of dance. All students are encouraged to include ballet as part of their training.


Jazz helps students become more versatile dancers by fusing funky and groovy elements of hip hop with jazz techniques and movement while dancing to pop/rock beats. 


Tap helps students develop rhythm, style, and coordination and is a dance style almost every one of our teachers has competed in, performed or taught during their dancing careers.


Contemporary teaches graceful, fluid movement and unrestricted lines while beautifully transforming posture and balance. This dance style challenges dancers both creatively and physically. 


Dance Competition Training

Dance Competition training is a higher level of training with challenging choreography and perfecting their performance as a group. 


Acrobatics classes include basic tumbling skills, handstands, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, and handsprings. 

Children’s Hip Hop Classes

Hip Hop teaches students breaking, locking, and popping. The moves taught in hip hop help develop skills like stage presence, acting, and improvisation. 

At Stepping Out Studios, we have an incredible team of dance instructors who are highly qualified and experienced to teach young students many different types and styles of dance. We offer dance classes for children aged two and up with classes available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Our teachers love teaching the art of dance to young students and helping them find their creativity and express themselves through dance. Children of all ages have been attending Stepping Out Studios for years because of our love and commitment to help each student grow.

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All classes are taught by qualified and experienced instructors and our studios are all fitted with the latest equipment for the safety and comfort of our students.

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