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10 Reasons Ballet Classes Are So Important for Kids

Ballet teaches children so many great character-building skills, which is why, at Stepping Out Studios, we work to train our students to be amazing ballerina dancers with other life lessons they can use for the rest of their lives. There are so many great qualities and traits that kids can learn from the art of ballet, so we’d like to share a few of them with you.

  1. Strength – The muscles it takes to properly perform a plie or releve take time to build the strength to learn to do these basic movements in dance.
  2. Teamwork – Ballet teaches students how to work as a team to move together like one body. Each person has a part that creates one big beautiful performance by working together.
  3. Reward – Hard work and practice can reap great rewards, both in your personal life and on the dance floor. Kids grow in every area while learning ballet and can be rewarded greatly for it.
  4. Goals – Everyone, no matter what they’re age, must set goals to become a better version of themselves. Ballet helps kids set personal goals that they can reach and even exceed and learn the value of doing so.
  5. Confidence – Learning a new skill, setting goals and surpassing them, and finding something you’re good at can help instill confidence in children they never had before. This confidence can help them throughout every area of their lives, from school, home, work, and more.
  6. Punctuality – We take our classes very serious at Stepping Out Studios and expect kids to be on time. This trait is something that will help our students far into the future as they grow up.
  7. Memorization – Remembering each step throughout their ballet classes and performances requires practice and memorization. Learning ways to remember things is a great way for our students to also study better in school.
  8. Balance – As toddlers become children who become teenagers, there will always be awkward times in life as their body changes and grows. Learning balance and how to carry themselves will help every child in ballet as well as every other area of their lives.
  9. Friendship – Working as a team can be hard, but becoming friends with your teammates creates comradery and lasting friendships for a lifetime. Knowing there is someone who always has your back is invaluable to everyone.
  10. Performance – Learning to perform in front of an audience and overcoming fears is something many children never get to learn. We teach our students the art of performing and help them overcome fears they may not have even known they had. This is an especially masterful trait for ballet that carries over into every part of life and into their future.

If you’ve been looking for an experienced ballet studio with teachers who care and who teach children so much more through ballet than can be expressed, you’ve come to the right place. You can contact Stepping Out Studios during normal operating hours by email, phone or filling out the form on our Contact Us page. One of our knowledgeable employees will get back to you and answer any questions you may have about our Singapore ballet classes for kids or any of our other dance classes or services we offer. We look forward to teaching your children and helping them grow into the best they can be.

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