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Adult Dance Classes in Singapore


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At Stepping Out Studios, our dance instructors have a passion for teaching adults how to dance and even how to use dancing as a way of exercising. We offer beginner and intermediate classes as well as general classes for all levels. We love making dancing fun and educational at every stage of your dancing.

We offer multiple classes throughout each week to accommodate as many schedules as possible for our students. Our goal is to share our passion and love of dance to every person who enters our doors. Our dance instructors will work with each student to help build strength in your dancing while enjoying what you’re learning. We believe anyone can dance, and we will help you find the dance style that you’re most comfortable with and will most enjoy.

Our adult dance classes include Dance Fit, Adult Ballet, Lyrical Jazz, K-pop, and Adult Hip Hop. Dance Fit combines cardio and strength fitness exercises with modern music to create a fun workout that helps build stamina. Adult Ballet improves posture, develops poise, and coordination, and control the body. Ballet is the foundation for many other styles of dance. Lyrical Jazz is a more personal dance style that shows each student’s individual style and originality. Our K-pop classes are perfect for all ages and are some of the funnest dance classes we offer. Come make new friends while learning K-pop choreography steps to the latest Korean pop music. Adult Hip Hop focuses on the fundamentals of Hip Hop like body isolations, bounce, groove, and more. 

No matter which of our adult dance classes you choose, we’re sure you’ll love learning new dance moves while meeting new people and making memories. You can book classes here. Adult dance classes cost $20 per session or $60 for four sessions. We look forward to dancing with you!

My girl has been attending Melody Bear classes (graded). The class teaches her simple movements and also helps her to widen her vocabulary as she could understand Teacher May's instructions in terms of moving her hands and legs, and moving around in class... Melody Bear class is also good in preparing children for ballet.
Winnie W. - October 2014