CSTDTap is a great way to exercise, to develop rhythm, style and coordination and is an easily accessible dance form for all ages.

Stepping Out Studios has a clear affinity with Tap dancing.  Almost all of our warm, fun and professional teaching team have competed, performed or taught Tap at some point during their careers.  We offer a full-range of tap dancing classes and amazingly have classes for children as young as 4. 

Our Little Stars classes cater for children aged 4-5 and provide an enjoyable introduction to Tap and Jazz which is popular with both boys and girls.  If your child loves to dance and move their feet, they will love this fun class!

For children aged 5 and above, we offer all grades of CSTD Tap as well as a very successful award-winning Tap performance Troupe.  There are more than 15 Tap classes available throughout the week.

From the traditional style of Fred Astaire to the more recent styles of Tap Dogs and Stomp, the CSTD syllabus gives students a real feeling of achievement and prepares them for the intricacies of more advanced steps and choreography.

For a great article on the importance of Tap for dancers and why your child should be taking it, click here.

My girl has been attending Melody Bear classes (graded). The class teaches her simple movements and also helps her to widen her vocabulary as she could understand Teacher May's instructions in terms of moving her hands and legs, and moving around in class... Melody Bear class is also good in preparing children for ballet.
Winnie W. - October 2014