Kpop dance class

K-pop classes


The latest K-pop phenomenon is kicking in and you wouldn’t want to miss the latest trends and happenings. If you enjoy Korean pop music and always wanted to know how these artists execute those sleek moves, this is the perfect class for you.

Each session consists proper warm ups, body conditioning and Hip Hop basics. Students will also get to learn exciting new dance choreography for every K-pop lesson they attend. Many have deemed K-pop classes it as an enjoyable way to get fit, make new friends and have fun all in one class. Sign up now, and you’ll be singing and dancing just like your favourite artists.

Class is suitable for beginners and all ages. Even if you had little or no prior dance background, you will be pleasantly surprised too.

Classes are held on Thursdays from 7.30pm to 8.30pm. To book a class, please click here.

I was remembering that my little one was among all, she's youngest in the class and she so enjoyed for the Melody Bear Dance and she is 26 months old now. I will be looking forward to let her continue to Dance. Thanks to the sweetest teacher May.
Larissa P. - September 2014