Dance Competition Training

Performance & Dance Competition Training

Performances and Competitions are a very exciting and rewarding way to enjoy dancing. Students look forward to the extra opportunities to perform and love the added technical challenge that these advanced level classes provide.


Dance competition training offers a higher level of dance training for your child. Dancers can start Competitive Dancing at around 4 1/2 years old. During the first few classes of the dance year students work on basic technique and steps that will be included in their dance routine. This time is treated like an audition and allows the instructor to get a feel for the group’s dance abilities. This helps the teacher in adjustments to the dance troupe.

Dance Competition Training

Students will spend the next couple of months learning challenging choreography and then perfecting the performance and presentation of the dance. Stepping Out Studios is planning on attending two competitions this year, with the possibility of travelling internationally to compete (for those who are interested).
At these competitions students will have their routines judged against others from competing dance schools locally and internationally.


Stepping Out Studios Dance Troupe


There are additional costs associated with competitive dancing. First of all, students must take a minimum of two dance classes per week – a technique class and a routine class. We have found that one class a week does not provide enough training for a student to be competitive, and that by training in other styles (such as ballet), it creates a strong, technical and well-rounded dancer.

Secondly, student’s costumes are more elaborate than standard public performance dance costumes. They must be more durable and have original designs as part of a group’s mark is based on their appearance. As a result the cost of a competitive costume is around $80- $120 per group.

Finally, there are competition entry fees. These fees will be collected once it is confirmed which competitions the studio will be attending.

Stepping Out Studios

Stepping Out Studios reserves the right to remove a dancer from any or all routines due to excessive tardiness or absences from class prior to a competition, performance and/or recital. In such cases, whether or not the dancer will be allowed to participate will be at the sole discretion of the instructor.

Students are also required to have either completed or be taking a CSTD exam within 12 month of the competition date to be eligible to compete. This is a rule set by the CSTD.

For more information please contact our admin staff.

Dance Competition

My daughter has been with Ms Hari for the CSTD Ballet program since P4. Lessons were always exciting as Ms Hari seizes every opportunity to expose her girls to stage performance, and the discipline of ensuing preparations that is vital for their growth and development as dancers as they gain experience and confidence. Having completed Grade 6 in school, my daughter is pursuing the Sub-Elementary syllabus at Ms Hari's dance studio which recently held its first Showcase where all the studio teachers and students worked hard to put up a successful performance! Ms Hari has been not only a great ballet teacher but also a great friend and mentor to her girls. As parent, I am very happy and satisfied to leave my daughter in Ms Hari's hands. Congratulations to Ms Hari as her dance studio moves to a new , more convenient and bigger place. We look forward to more exciting times ahead!
Chan M.S. - October 2014