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Adult Tap Classes

Adult Tap Dance

Our Adult Tap Dance classes are suitable for beginner and intermediate tappers of all ages.

Those with little or no dance experience will be surprised how quickly they can pick up the basic routines.

For the more experienced tappers, our Intermediate class helps to build on skills and technique while still maintaining the fun !

Tap dance is all about creating music with your feet. Each session consists of basic warm ups, across the floor and coordination exercises. Students will also get to learn new dance choreography or combination for every Tap lesson they attend. Get ready to learn new techniques such as Shuffling, Hitspring and Time step when you come for our classes.

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Our Intermediate classes are held at 7.30pm on Monday evenings and our Beginner classes are held at 7.30pm on Thursday evenings.

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I've been attending dance classes here since April, and what started out as a mere for-fun tryout with a coupon has turned into something I look forward to every week. Initially it was just a weekly KpopX dancerobics class, and eventually I signed up for 4 more dance classes to make it a total of 5 classes, 3 days a week. Some people may call it crazy, but when you have great instructors like May and Gene who encourage even the most inexperienced beginners while making dance lessons fun, it's hard not to come back. Lessons are fun and a good way to challenge oneself, and are a great way to keep fit! I would definitely recommend dance classes here, and it's definitely something I plan to continue doing!Congratulations to the team on the new venue, you guys are the best! :)
Samantha P. - September 2014